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My Name Is ITX EDGAR And im a graphic designer, photoshop artist and Website Devloper
Edgar's World
Also, I have a small YouTube Channel Where i post Brawl Stars Videos. "BrawlStars" Players, Check it out!
About My Works

Photoshop Artist

Image Editing Visual Storytelling Concept Arts Artworks

Graphic Designer

Creative Vision Branding Expertise Typography and Layout
MockUp Design


Gaming Videos Animated Videos Motion Graphics SFX

Website Developer

Coding Proficiency CMS Mastery Cross-Browser Compatibility Responsive Design

About ME
I am a versatile creative professional with expertise in graphic design, website development, and Photoshop artistry. My passion lies in transforming ideas into visually compelling designs and functional websites. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and coding languages, I merge creativity with technical skills to deliver cohesive and engaging solutions. As a Photoshop artist, I excel in digital artistry and image enhancement. I collaborate closely with clients to understand their visions, ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality in every project. My goal is to create memorable and impactful experiences through the synergy of design and technology.
Photoshop - Animate CC - Krita - Premier Pro - Lightroom - HTML - CSS - JS - PHP
My Projects

Character Design

Gaming Channel YouTube Banner

YouTube Thumbnail For Anime Channel

YouTube Thumbnail for Gaming Channel

2D Character Artwork

Product Advertisement Post

MockUp Designs

Photo Editing

Available for Freelancing
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